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In describing trust what do you need to hold true to this value? Do you need proof? do you need a tangible sign to determine trust one to another.  Trust is one of the most important virtues in life, it is an action statement, I trust you, in God we trust, trust me. When in trusting someone or something you are placing what you value into its care and keeping such as an item of value, a secret a level of confidence. Trust an important term in building relationships and


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Respect is earned and not given. if this is the case who’s the earner and who’s the giver? Should a young man or woman respect a person 10 or 20 years their senior? I’d like to invite you to explore these concepts of respect that have a tendency to be lost in our modern society. Respect is steeped in  love for humanity, a spirit of and to be held in high regard, respect means to look again re-spect, can you truly say you look at everyone you meet with respect or do you need them to engage in an action  again and again before proving a level of respect?

Try it respect will increase your capacity to build relationships again and again.


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Music is a  universal language, many are given gifts to sing, play instruments and write music that inspires others.  On the flip side to cultivate your gifts you must share them with the universe.  Cultivation of your gifts are an essential tool and can shrink the differences that divide people, places and things.  20150809_011138

Songs about the universal thoughts of love, hate, relationships, significant moments in ones life, significant events that impact the entire world.


Enjoy music as art, use music and performance as a way to connect the masses, take time to listen to melody and harmony to heal broken hearts, inspire you to greatness and to lift your thoughts, imagination and creativity.

Music the muse, the way to access 90% of your brain power often not utilized for the advancement of your spirit.

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Love Music


My Muse





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