20 May 2017


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Life Long Learning

When you’re talking you’re healing , when you’re listening your learning, delay, distract and decide when you’re not sure about a key decision, listen, learn grow, thrive before generating thunder from the mouth.

LearningIt has been taught that it’s better to respond to a need than to react to a crisis.

To Marginalize others is a mirror onto oneself

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20 May 2017

Build to Last

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In creating a new idea, company, project or product,  our process is similar to building a new home. The essential tools needed to accomplish this task is an architect, a builder, a series of inspectors to comply with safety and compliance in addition to the specifications from the client.  At times there will be a difference of  opinion between the architect and the builder regarding budget, materials time and compliance, there are change orders that need to be addressed to meet the clients needs and code compliance that will adjust the initial plans.  To insure that this process goes smoothly we need a set of core values and principles to guide the process and to keep the integrity of the project on track.  Our company guiding principles are Trust, Mutual Respect, Integrity, Consistency, Knowledge and Self Esteem.



Trust your partners

Respect the unique talents of your partners

Integrity towards the client

Consistency in communication

Knowledge of specific skill areas

Self Awareness, Self Esteem and Self Efficacy “learn from mistakes”



Never forget who the ultimate client is – “the buyer” who has to live in the home, without their input the project fails in a self deprecating pool of materials with no substance, sustainability or good reference.   In all we do, the families, mothers, fathers, children are the recipients of our great projects and services from retail, to wholesale, to end user. Satisfy your clients and the rest will take care of itself.


Reminder: With these keys you will find a more cohesive, collaborative and successful project, company, program or work team, Let us show you how to build TRICKS to last….206-850-3626

Build it to Last or it’s doomed to fail…



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